Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Thankful this week....

that as of today.... we have....  school days left
{ it's absurd how late we go!! But, come September I will be rejoicing that we start late}

for enjoying my family all week

for a social media hiatus

for a sunny spring break

for workouts with my hunny

for birthday love

for being able to work with Miss Julie as she coached and played with Hudson during Speech sessions.

that my inlaw's got me a ... stun gun... true story... it's in my work bag, just hope that
1- I never have to use it and 2- if I do have to use it, that I use it effectively 3- that I never use it on my students ;)

for Matt being an encourager

for mail that brings many smiles

for birthday freebies
 {thank you Nothing Bundt Cakes, Dunkin and Sephora, Cinnabon's freebie looked gross oddly enough :)}

5 Guys Selfie

1st Softball practice - they have matching gloves
 Matching cleats with BFF Hannah K.
 Lemon Bundlet... ahhmazing
 Pink packages tied up with string... these are a few of my favorite things... xo Auntie Jack!

Big H in pitcher mode

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