Monday, April 11, 2016


Thankful this week for...

sleep-ful nights {Normally when I am solo I am a zombie from lack of sleep...but the Lord has brought me through (1.more.sleep) }

coffee dates with friends

my 1st facial since we've been married!

self-less friends & family making sure I'm okay

encouraging ministry

sooo many amazing family pictures from Arizona!

workouts that make me so sore for 2 days!

a house that has stayed clean

4 day countdown until my spring break

{After endless rearranged seating charts- this image on our smart board each day tells the students where to sit. #genius}

{Loving these water marbles!}

{Yes there is a fried egg on that pasta dish! and yes it was weird and delish all at once!}

Train park adventures!

Grill helper!

{Ketchup Queen}


{THE CUTEST idea!!Keep loving our spouses in the smallest ways!}

(Best friends, even with many miles in between. Harrison & David}

{Peas in a pod: Lydia and Hannah}

{Memere and Pepere's Birthday bash for Hudsie!}

{Great friend. Great chats. Better cupcakes;)}

{These donuts tho}

{Dinner date round 2 for these clowns}

{Arizona Sunday Best }

{Rain!? Here?! What!?!}
{Sunday Service... loved how  the littles got to go to their Sunday School classes
Harrison, Zachary, Ryan and Mark}

{When he's a guest in a girl's room,. he will be in pink and purple... thanks Gracie for sharing all your cuddlies with him}

{Hebert Aubry Clan}

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