Friday, June 20, 2014

Multitude Monday ... A day late ... From WA!

Thankful for a safe flight to WA! We flew southwest and I had a brainstorm- to put Hudson, an unpaid lap infant, in the middle seat between Hannah and I and pray for a few extra seats so that he could stay there... Prayers Answered! He did very very well buckled and even napped :)

Thankful for selfless  friends

Thankful for a wonderful Sunday full of worship and encouragement here in rural okanogan . What a blessing to see so many more seats full this year than last! God is at work!

Thankful for a good first 2 days at vbs!

Thankful that Hudson naps during the 2 hour vbs time

Thankful for  bug spray ( apparently skeetos love banana blood?! And Hudson loves all things bananas - it looks like he has chicken pox :(:( )

Thankful for  time to enjoy simple joys

Thankful that  Matt is off work for the entire time we are here!!

Thankful for Many unsaved out at the gospel meetings the past 2 nights. God has given tom and Matt much help!!

Thankful for  the bug house that Harrison convinced me to make room for. It has been the source of hours of "boy" fun!

Please pray for the Christians here in Okanogan. They pour their hearts into gods things. This past year much fruit has grown from the vbs and gospel outreach. Sooo encouraging!! Pray for salvation. Pray for growth in us as we labor for Him. Pray that our littles continue to sleep so well ( it's such an important part of our family's sanity!)
This was pre Washington - museum date w a dear friend in chitown :)

Disney exhibit!

Helping tom & Wolter :)

Happy campers :)

This was pretty amazing- all three asleep- simultaneously - en route to okanogan from airport 

All this grass to roam in!! 

Ready for the airplane 

Some of the excited vBS kiddos


Us :) 

Our silly cowgirl 

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