Wednesday, August 7, 2013

School has begun

Homeschool day 1 has begun! SO SO SO different  than the "norm" and from what we are used to- Harrison was done with Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science & History in 2 hours! So fab! So quiet though- we miss our old buddies at recess and I miss my team at school....but we are excited to have a move is approaching the end of this month :)
We plan to travel to the Midwest, spend time with my mom in Chicago & visit some friends in Ohio/Michigan/Iowa, then to make our new home sweet home in WA ... in Dec :) Stay tuned along our journey! Be a prayer warrior for this new chapter of our lives that God has opened!
 3rd Grader


Loving the curriculum

The post school fort. And someone is napping under there :)

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