Wednesday, August 21, 2013

9 years

9 years ago...on a BEAUTIFULLY sunny, hot Chicago day, with picture perfect cotton ball clouds, the string quartet was strumming Vivaldi's Spring as I walked down the aisle to meet my handsome best friend- the one who would endure a navy wool suit in the heat of August because his wedding planner wife needed that special look :)  What a unique adventure we have been on during these 9 years. SO thankful that marriage is "for better for worse and for keeps" (Family Life Radio). 
As we embark on yet another chapter of our lives together, this phrase from a note (at the bottom of my cabinet- knew I kept it for a good reason!) hits the mark perfectly: "Live Simply. Care Deeply. Love Generously."

The best cake ever! Isn't cake tasting such a fun part of wedding planning!? :)


My Brother & I

One big happy fam!

My girls in bubblegum pink silk shangtung. Ohh loved that my mom can sew!! She rocked them!


Mr & Mrs Matthew Hebert! Aug 21 2004

(Departure is now set for tomorrow at noon! Your prayers are really needed and super appreciated.)

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