Monday, August 12, 2013


Is it Monday already!?
Super thankful to be a stay at home mama for now, but super miss the social-ness of an "outside the home" job.

Thankful for...
310- Hudson's new Bumbo!! Compliments of great friends Joe & Rach!!
311- Craigslist! Scored 24 Rubbermaid plastic tubs for our move for SUPER cheap, (Goal is to be all packed up in plastic tubs instead of boxes :))
312- This fab article from my good friend Jules: a must read!-
313- Sleepovers
314- family strolls at sunset
315- Harrison's patience and flexibility as we adjust to homeschool stuff
316- Hannah's ability to make us crack up while she is being disciplined.
317- Hudson is back to normal sleep patterns & is trying solid foods like squash...peas & applesauce. So far the bottle is still the fave at 6-8oz a feeding. Cant wait for his 4 month stats on Friday.
318- Rejoined at Lifetime!! This also is pretty AWESOME!! if you have never heard of this amazing gym or never been- visit : You will want to sign up:) I may be really excited because I now get a 2 hour mommy break EVERY day :) And yes, Saturday we enjoyed a date time at the pool because our kiddos were in such good hands at daycare. (But if you live outside the regions of the facilities- here is a great at home workout, that I am planning to try today!
319-bacon & all things Paleo! (Yes we are home and that means back on track to no carbs except certain fruits...and no dairy (boohoo))
320- WinCo... amazing grocery place out here- bulk food section is where we fell in love. Bulk Cashews are 11.99 a pound at Frys & 5.98 a pound at WinCo! Score!

Enjoy your Monday with a multitude of blessings! XO

Hannah : 3, Hudson: 4 1/2 months, Harrison: 8

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