Thursday, August 1, 2013

Photo Overload

Tonight is our last sleep here in WA...for now ;)..many mixed emotions...enjoy some of our memories over the past months that our fam has enjoyed here in WA :) The newest memories were of today! Dennis & Matt share a a grill party was a success & super yummy!
Arizona tomorrow night we shall enjoy the awesome inlaws & kids OWN beds!! Oh yeah and a change of clothes...after 6+ weeks, my outfits are ready to get switched out :)

Okanogan VBS

Late night trailer party


Moses aka Matty killing the slave master kung fu style

Sonya & Sadie

 Wolter & Quincey




Our crew in Okanogan
Then fast forward a few weeks until Moses Lake Outreach

 Summer Falls

Amanda & Hannah

 Our Moses Lake Crew

Roz & Melissa

Teen time

 Our buddy

 The guy group

 Went back to Okanogan for Sunday ...yay for another b-day cake :)

Sunday Lunch

Sweet Christians! Kim & Lois



Tom...Larry & Bryan

Birthday Time!

Ryan Hoy

Roz & Devon

Awesome fam who joined our crew for supper everynight :)


 Jaimie Joyce & Hannah


Ice cream float night

Pure sweetness.

Taking down the tent

 Harrison & pals
Now the current time here in Arlington/Marysville Area
Amram aka Moses' Dad aka Matt

Science Lab leaders Roz & Alena

Cutie pie Annabelle!
Grandma Sharon with 2 of her grandkiddos- Annabelle & Gavin

 Hmmm should we move now that we have official sports gear?! ;)

 New BFFS!! Donna-Lynn's amazing trifles!!


B-day Buds!

:) (Today Aug 1)
(Back in Okanogan, week 1 &2) Amram & Jochabed and worried lil sis ;)

Awww!! Frannie & Hudson
(Moses Lake VBS)





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