Sunday, August 4, 2013

Thankful! 301-310 & pictures:)

Happy Multitude Monday!
Here are some thankful-nesses (new word) that we are enjoying! :)


302- Routine

303- Loose trash pickup- serious garage purging just happened :)

304- An amazing summer spent with so many great friends. So many memories to reflect upon.

305- Hannah's 1st official Sunday School class! Being 3 is lots of fun :)

306- Our wedding photo albums. Our anniversary is just a few weeks away...the big #9!

307- Thankful that my Dad has been enjoying his Savior in Heaven, for 5 years (Aug 9th). As I was reading all the sympathy cards that were in a memory book, I really really miss him & can not wait for that trump to sound & the Lord to come!

308- Birthday treats for our kiddos from both sides of the fam - made it like Christmas in August!

309- Thankful for the continual challenge from God to live a life fully dedicated to Him. Words of Hymn 322 come to mind- as we sang it today..."Love so amazing, so divine, demands my life my heart my ALL".

310- Dunkin Donuts. Starting sippin' my iced coffee yesterday a.m. as early as I  could! Oh what a nice change from Starbucks & Espresso places :)

Enjoy these lines from a card, that have really spoke to me :)
"Imagine stepping onto a shore & finding it Heaven. Imagine taking hold of a hand & finding it God's hand. Imagine breathing new air & finding it celestial air. Imagine feeling invigorated and finding it immortality. Imagine passing from storm and tempest to an unknown calm. Imagine waking & finding it Home". If we lived each day, like our moments could soon pass here on Earth and our next breath could be the celestial air, I wonder how (my) life would change. Enjoy the day and time that God has granted to you here.




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  1. Love all your pictures, Alison... because a lot of those people in them are loved by me! Sorry to have missed seeing you in WA... so close! Next time, give me some notice hey!?