Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Thankful today for leaning hard on God during our life. Any situation... the goods.. the crazy... knowing God hears is so encouraging. Keep praying for Jane... today is her birthday (May 10th)

 Thankful for a fun wedding weekend!
 Thankful for safety... as we drove and for our kids that we left  back at home.
 Thankful for Beccy giving us the kick in the pants we needed to 1- go to the wedding kidless and 2-  ride with  them :)
Thankful for so many memories made!

Trio of sisters (Sherri Cindy Beccy)

 Meanwhile back at the ranch.... Susanna was having makeovers, baking cookies, having movie marathons and having fun with our trio
Thankful for Susanna's patience and care.

Love this fam!! Dave and Jeannie Netti and the coolest cousins ever... Abby and Nate (best dancers ever!) and Kurt & Cindy

Post wedding fun! Taking down the amazing decorations.... Paul getting his pull ups in. 

Happy Birthday to Beccy! 

Morning after the wedding- cleaning up the barn together- what a great way to hear about family memories.. loved it!! (Sherri and Frankie)

 Thankful for my mom and Matt's mom!

 Thankful for our school's positive motivation for attendance... DLo came!
 They're getting ready to dance a bit before dismissal :)

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