Monday, May 23, 2016


Thankful that prayers keep getting answered...and I act surprised when I hear it... ... but I should just be like... "yeah and?!"
We know we have a powerful, holy, amazing Father who hears and answers... and when He does... we just rejoice and smile...and keep praying!! Thank you reader friends for praying with us! Keep praying. :)
This is week 3 of someone coming up to Matt & Kerwin after a service letting them know that they have trusted Christ. We pray for salvation. It happens. Each week. And I guarantee, it happens way more too just they aren't all vocal about it. It is SO SO SO SO SO encouraging.

But please know I keep things real...
Real Talk to you Mom' can relate- Dad's away doing God's plan- normally I love it... and normally I am super excited for that plan...but the nights of being a single momma get extra nuts when out of nowhere some "magic crazy dust" gets sprinkled on our house and the kids act like they're aliens.... who are they? Where did they come from and how in the world am I supposed to handle them... in public!? At a Thursday night baseball game... when the whines begin and the case of  the gimmees is too much.. and Hudson, bless his sweet little heart keeps saying "mom, mom, mom, mom, mom" until I finalllllly answer him for the 1 millioneth time....
I just wonder... really Lord... this is what you want for us? You think I can handle these kids like this? After handling 24 extreme cases all day??
And then I see the picture with Heavenly glasses... ahh.... the perspective changes...souls are saved...relationships strengthened...and the lost lonely guys at PGM get brought into a Heavenly family... and my little crazy wacko kid problems seem minuscule... and I just smile as I know God, as the Father looking at me as His crazy wacko kid, smiles too and I pray that more patience gets sprinkled on me. :)

Thankful for more answered prayers....
We have prayed that we could find a way to begin a city gathering or share our Hall with the city friends, and boom. Again the Lord answers. A PGM Bible student and his fiance have come for 3 Sundays now, and see the biblical truths of why we do what we do & want to be apart of our gathering in the near future.

Thankful this week that summer plans are shaping up. Initially it sounded completely insane, but now it sounds completely insane and amazing! WA--->NJ Driving!! We are excited for the sites along the way and the family memories that will be made. {Prayers so very appreciated!!}

Thankful for some Vitamin D this weekend! Loving the 80s!!

Thankful for Anne's cookie donation, making our subtraction lesson WAY more fun :)

 Thankful for Marshalls. Love their prices on cool clothes. Love that Harrison has fun style.

Thankful that although it's a busy whirlwind routine, having Matt drop off our kids each day at school is such a blessing. 

 Thankful that Uncle Dusty and Auntie Milla came to the kid's "Special Person" day and hung out with both kiddos :)

Thankful for a dad/son quad date.

 While the big boys played, Momma and Hannah had a park date

Thankful for 7-11 Shark Week Fun!

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