Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Thankful for kids who love on each other.

Thankful for friends who send texts and quotes at just the right time XO Rach!

Thankful for our gym who has healthy lunch options for our kiddos so Daddy can kill a workout & get kids fed before school starts

(Yes, gross, he is totally sweaty, but hey looks like he got a workout too!)

Thankful for spring sports & our awesome coaches.

Thankful that my hunny can be fun and flexible and snuggle his mother in law ... in public...

 Thankful for this passage in scripture that encourages

Thankful that this amazing meal was waiting for me after a 2 hour doctor visit ( smoked pork that had zero sugary sauce- just amazing taste from being smoked alllll day!!) 

Thankful for my hubby. Not getting all mushy here - but the truth is, I've got a great mAn 
with a big heart & a beast mode chef inside him! His fire for the lord & for our family is impressive & enjoyed. 

Thankful for strong meds that kicked strep throat away! 

Thankful for 99 cent iced coffee and iced tea time at Dunkin every afternoon.

Thankful for Harrison being Harrison. He had his end of year band concert and he was told to dress up as his favorite movie/rock band character. He picks Batman. Everyone else picked like rockers and stuff... and then there is our trumpeter wearing a batman mask. Love his authenticity. Love his bravery. Love his determination. I cannot even believe his countdown til 6th grade is happening!

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  1. Love the quote about all moms being a hot mess...so true! ;) We all do it the way that works best for us, right? Love it. Also love Harrison being Batman at his concert. :) And way to go Matt with those amazing cooking skills!