Monday, March 9, 2015

Marchin' On....

thankful - for a wake up call #befierecein15  #donotgrowwearyindoinggood
thankful - for an all knowing God
thankful- that our inheritance is not found here on Earth - we have a home in mansions above
thankful - for the strong support of my hubby- being on the exact same page so often is such a blessing! He is my iron & I love how we sharpen each other.
thankful - for our out of the norm worship time yesterday
thankful - for meeting new believers
thankful - for a special couple that sharpens us too - do you have friends that once you've spent a meal with them you leave feeling encouraged blessed & challenged? Thankful for our friends who really care & really pray. The power in specific prayer will change your life. And we are thankful for how it is changing ours.
thankful- that there is an end date to the long term sub job. I full enjoy teaching each day- fully. I have been part of the PARCC tests and that is been very helpful. I have learned so much from these 5th graders and have been blessed by my team and staff- BUT ....April is insanely busy, and I will be needing to do more hands on things with our fam... so yay for an end date :)
thankful- that my mom & Ray have decided to move forward in  their relationship and have set a wedding date, and mailed invites & that date is quickly approaching! April 17th!
thankful- for mom daughter Pedi dates. I got St Patty toes. Hannah got rainbow and flowers :)

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