Monday, March 23, 2015

Multitude Monday: Snow in March?!

Happy Monday!!

This post comes to you from a snowy yet bright southside classroom. Insane how just last weekend all the winter gear was washed and stored away. Flip flops came out, boots went away. All of our Hawaii clothes were busted back out, praise the Lord, but now... now the boots are on and the jackets are getting worn... Spring COME ON!
My precious #angels, are at Music, allowing some blog time :)

Thankful for: a hardworking hubby
Thankful for: a hubby who loves on his kids so much. {I take this as a norm, but when I hear how my 5th graders spent their weekends, and the lack of parental involvement, I just smile inside and thank the Lord above.}
Thankful for: finding Hannah the perfect flower girl dress for my mom's wedding. {My hunt is still on- if you have seen any fun, tulle-ish Ivory dresses, lmk!}
Thankful for: answered prayer. Not in my timing, but still....
Thankful for: an encouraging weekend
Thankful for: these blue teeth :)

Thankful for: a decent paced 5K style jog.

Thankful for an impromptu visit from to-be family! Ray's son Scott and wife Rachel popped in on Friday- with their 4 kids. We hadn't officially met before. Our kids were overjoyed to meet their new cousins, and they got along like they've been besties for years. We love S & R too, and can't wait to see them again in a few short weeks.... just in awe because all of this could only happen because of God. Seriously too cool. 

(Youngest-Oldest: Hudson in bed ;), Hannah Harrison Shayla, Reed, Silas & Riley)

The guys {There are 4 other cousins that we havent met so Hill/Hebert/Barrett Party of 20 coming right up} :)

Thankful for inspiration. This verse is POWERFUL.

Thankful for these smiles. He is almost 2! Just 4 days left of being 1!

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