Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Welcome March!! Hudson's Birthday month is upon us!

Thankful this week... for stolen crackers stuffed into Hudson's mouth :) * He is into everything, and ventures to the basement where Uncle Dusty lives, and steals any food that was left out! Good survival skills buddy :)

Thankful for this silhouette 

 Thankful for the crazy laughs 

Thankful for no lines no waiting on a Saturday evening at Giordanos. After going to Cheesecake and waiting the 10 minutes, of our 40 minute wait, we decided waiting is not our favorite activity ;) So off to explore the area and find another kid friendly place :) Always win with Italian food 

 Thankful that our picky princess is expanding her eating horizon and trying new foods, yet her love for all things noodle still stands :)

 Thankful for positive quotes 

 And another one...

 Have you ever had those moments when you know you've made God honoring choices and yet someone will poke at you anyways? Yeah... been there... too many times, and so while running- Taylor Swift came on on my Pandora this weekend, LOVE PANDORA, and this song played... and the words were right. Can't change how some people view our actions or abilities, those haters will hate, but like her song is called below... SHAKE IT OFF! *Disclaimer- easier said than done, but running does help ;)*

Thankful for continuation of daily scripture writing. If you are interested www.swtblessings.com has monthly print outs with daily passages to write out.  HAPPY MARCH MADNESS EVERYONE!!

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