Monday, February 23, 2015

Multitude monday

thankful for answered prayer & super duper cheap tickets popping up from southwest!! Arizona, here we come ... If only april could come faster!

Thankful that Matt had another "take your child to work day" on presidents day & harrison had a blast!!

Thankful for another week of fun mail - we got a box full of patriot gear & surprises for the kiddos

Thankful for my team at school - they are so fun, patient, easy going & awesome to work with

Thankful for immediate answered prayers. Today I found out grades are due by tomorrow - what ?! The students whole progress report for 3rd quarter is blank! Wowzers! I've been there 5 days so do I make up random grades & input my one test score & home works?! As I was wondering- in walks an angel. Literally. He was the sub 2 subs ago & had a bag full of papers & was like "I'm going to input a bunch of grades tonight". Wait. What?! Wow. God is on the tiny details & oh how I love it!!

Thankful for hudsons goofy smiles

Thankful for miss Maggie our awesome sitter ( it's been helpful that Matt can work at home some  days - but when he's not, Maggies house is the best place to be! Love that Hannah asks to go there daily & dislikes leaving there at pickup. The picture below where she's a redhead ;) is from maggies :)

Thankful for technical support & a new router

Thankful for my name tag on the door at school. Can you tell I've missed teaching?!;)

Thankful Amazon prime at my service again! Have you ever tried these RX bars? (Photo below) they're whole30 approved & an easy snack or breakfast in the car ;)

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