Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hearts overflowing with thankfulness ....

Thankful this week for ...

1120-Valuable sunday school lessons - this week was the Good Samaritan & hearing Hannah recap it was adorable!

1121-Valentine bliss with the kids & seriously tasty doughnut vault donuts

1122- the girl behind me in line at doughnut vault who was about to faint, got 911 medical help fast & was able to cut in line to get her sugary goodness ( note to self and you, my dear reader- don't lock your knees- apparently it can restrict blood flow... causing fainting)

1123-Although my hubby knows i love flowers -I also love saving money, buttttt 3 vases of blooms sure brightens up our kitchen!

1124-Long term sub job!
Seriously friends it's too cool / walk in to district office one day, come back the following day with all the completed papers only to meet the secretary who is the mom of our sons teacher!! #itsasmallworld ....only to land a job two days later that may last til May! I'm learnibg it's all about networking! 5th grade is slightly outta my norm, although this year is ... #fiercein15- sooo the lords got my back & will give me the strength & energy to keep up with these smart kids ;)

1125-Short commute! ( 15 minutes baby!!)

1126-Getting back on the healthy eating track after serious sugar indulgences

1127-Shampoo that smells delicious

1128- my mom having ray here for Valentines day

1129- hissyfits resale on Instagram ( I adored selling our kids clothes with hissyfits when in az - and now they're selling stuff on IG! Which means.... Happy mail is headed my way!!

1130- for a great team at home - getting three kids out the door with cute outfits, full lunch boxes & homework done, to different schools @ different times is almost rocket science!!! Uncle dusty is a great chauffeur... as is dad 😘💕  #thankful #family #countingmyblessings

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