Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Happy Monday!!
I love love love February!!

*Thankful that valentines day is quickly approaching & all things pink glittery and heart adorn each store!

*Thankful to have made it through my 1st "whole 30" eating experience - with mistakes & treats, but seriously different view on processed foods

*Thankful that my mom & hubby eat my random & nutritious meals: fave one is spaghetti squash pad thai!

*Thankful for a snowy Sunday

*Thankful for shoveling workouts

*Thankful for snowy playtime

*Thankful for a glimpse into what homeless moms and kids go through each day

*Thankful for our taxes being filed

*Thankful that work documents were processed weeks sooner than expected

*Thankful for an amazing Super Bowl...and even more exciting is our team won!

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