Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Thankful that it's my moms wedding week! No sign of bridezilla- that's amazing :) No sign of bridesmaid zilla ( aka me) - this is more amazing ;) #makingsureeachchildhaseveryaccessoryneeded #destinationwedding #wegotthis

Thankful that next Wednesday .....we are flying to 90 degree temps!!!!

Thankful for my last day long term subbing ... Love those kids!! Yay for a fun Instagram inspired "sip sip hooray" party - fun drinks & a movie 

Thankful for kelly Jess & kris (not pictured) great team of girls to teach with!!! Work was sooo much fun each day!! 

Thankful that baseball season has begun & that Harrison isnt a newbie to the sport, like last year! Last year I was nail biting each inning he pitched, this year I was in awe. Strike out, strike out, strike out. Really?! Thank you Lord! I love when He shows yet again, that He has this. Yes- even the baseball innings are in His hands...and I should have given Him praise during  those crazy nail biters last year too... work in progress over here :)

 for a dad who cheerfully takes his
  adorable daughter to the park... while mama bailed... #beeseason #nothanks  

 More baseball action shots captured by Uncle Dusty
Thankful that our family rallies for each other. All of us were together for opening day!! Love it!

 for Hannahs huge big sister heart!! 

Tankful to have been at a Saturday night PGM gospel meeting & to have heard this group of believers sing! And President Phil ( you can see him sitting in the photo below, off the right, gave a powerful message on the walls of Jericho. beautiful night)

Thankful for miss Maggie & her three daughters, who make Hannah feel like family each day :) 

Thankful for massive amounts of rain that made zillions of slimy worms surface!! We love exploring & touching Gods creation

Thankful for taking a walk on the wild side & sitting in the SPLASH ZONE.... Yay for dolphin water all over us... eww and yay all at once ;)

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  1. Happy wedding week! Hope everything goes smoothly! :)