Monday, April 20, 2015

Wedding recap & multitude monday πŸ’•

Thankful for Hannah setting the table & even created personalized place cards.

 Thankful for Sephora's birthday freebies!
I loved the caption on that box too!! Hopefully less bold for me and my wants- but more bold for Christ, bolder for the right things, pure things, true things... Micah 6:8 things :)

Thankful for Memere sending Hudson a generous GC to The Children's Place, everyone got some b-day love & Hannah was overjoyed with her new unicorn shirt

Thankful that he rocked his performance :)
 Look at my stud!!! This was his choir performance last Wednesday night. It was called "We Haz Jazz" and was a very cool historical musical on Jazz! *Sorry for the blurriness*

thankful for a free bow tie... walked into the store, price on tag said 6.99... rang up for 3.50... sales lady texted me a coupon which was a "$5 off any purchase"... 0.00 was due... praise the lord for the small savings!

thankful that even though my mom had wanted a gray/purple color scheme, because her gray/purple dress did not turn out like she wanted, the plan B was GORGEOUS... this dress she wore was from our wedding 10+ years ago, and hasn't been worn since! A couple alterations and a drycleaning visit got it ready in a day!
No changes happened to anyone else's dress, just the ties got switched #nordstromracksavesthedayagain, and the grand daughter bridesmaids, already were planning to wear a muted pink look.

Thankful for older Christians & their Godly examples.

Thankful for and her monthly scripture writing plan. This is so so so helpful for me.
Thankful for James 5:7-20. Read it at the exact time I needed it too. Love the Lord's timing!

Thankful to watch another believer get baptized yesterday. Hearing his testimony was my highlight. God saves. He is powerful. I love being reminded of that.

Wedding Recap

 Wedding bells rang Friday April 17th!
We spent the night in Galena on Thursday night, so that we would only have a brief jaunt morning of. Rehearsal was at 10am...
Beautiful venue. Highly recommend to anyone near by with an upcoming event :)
Grand River Resort, Dubuque, Iowa
It was special to meet Ray's other son, Rhett & his wife Sharee and their 4 kids.
Hannah enjoyed her 3 girl cousins, and Harrison enjoyed his 4 boy cousins, one was MIA..
Yummy luncheon.
And then naps! yay for my mom renting us a room for our kids to nap in!
 dress up time... it felt like it was 1pm way too fast! and I might have drastically underestimated how long it took to get myself and 3 kids ready, but it's all good ;)
The day felt like a blur but then at 2pm when it was photo time, it was like WHOA this is real!
It was amazing to see 10 grandkids with my mom & ray .. Riley was MIA ... so they have a total of 11! and although it would sound better with a dozen, we are hoping Dusty and Kamilla make that happen in due time, NOT US lol
We are so looking  forward to Barrett holidays together! Yay for more cousins and  I'm pretty sure that means Im an auntie again - times 8 kids... YAY!!! :) :) :)

ceremony was at 4,,, after Matt spoke The Word, The processional began
Al Christopherson officiated
Rhett & Scott were the guys for Ray 
Eden, Alana & Shayla were the junior bridesmaids {Ray's Granddaughters}
Harrison & Hannah were ringbearer and flower girl
Dusty & I walked my mom down the aisle.
The ceremony was short & sweet
The reception was too.
Speeches were tasteful, humorous, sarcastic & full of love.
The cake looked beautiful & tasted DELISH - despite my skeptiscm as to the flavor choice etc
The happy duo drove away in the "MIMI COOPER" and all the grandkids played at the resort's water park til 10pm :) 
Sleeping in til 8:25 was a highlight - on Saturday, and we loved exploring on the way home... we stopped at a what I thought would be a yummy donut joint- not worth the calories- but I love that Hannah got equally excited as her mama ... yay for us being the donut duo ;)

*Looking forward to getting more photos from dustys gf Milla, tonight, soo look back tomorrow for more pictures *

 Kamilla the baby whisperer

Weddings are exhausting ;)

 Mwahhhh love her

Happy Couple

Pre ceremony selfie
 Photo Credit: Alfred Corduan

Hannah "practicing" on an unplugged piano...

The drive home pictures: President Grant's Home

Stopping for donuts

Random cool shark :)

 I love how happy our road trippers are!! Snacks, songs & movies really help & don't forget Pluto :)

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