Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Multitude Monday...a day late :)

Thankful this week for...
154 my DryBar appt! If you havent heard or been- google www.drybar.com, its an amazing hair experience and came at the PERFECT time.
 155 awesome neighbors who brought us a delish lemon pie!
156 encouraging verses that remind how that we aren't parenting alone- God is right along side us :)  "For the Lord giveth wisdom, out of His mouth cometh knowledge" - Proverbs 2: 6
157 healthy kiddos! Hudson rocked his 1st Dr appt- already 8pounds 10 ounces at 5 days.
158 family & friends who make the transition of a new baby easier with encouraging  texts, emails, phone calls, food & adorable gifts
159 one on one Hannah time during Hudson's long naps.
160 a fabulous sub who is taking care of "my" 24 little 1st grade friends while I am home

The Lord has blessed us! Make sure to be thankful for the big and little blessings in your lives too! XOXO

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