Monday, April 8, 2013

Multitude Monday- 160-170

So in Ann Voskamp's book, I am just at the section where she reached her goal- of writing 1,000 "gifts" or blessings in her gratitude journal. What a wonderfully powerful inspiration!

My gifts this week....
160- Hannah belting out Jesus Loves Me at very random times, in the car, at Target, at the supper table, random and loud...but beautiful to hear the sounds of hymns coming from children.
161- Hudson sleeping for 3 hour chunks last night. It just happened ONE night, but maybe just maybe it can happen some more soon! (The Dr said we need to wait til 6-8 weeks until we begin BabyWise- the healthy sleep habit solution....sooo the countdown is ON! :))
162- An awesome uplifting weekend conference...although not in my native tongue, witnessing a baptism is always uplifting, and chatting with missionaries is awesome!
163- Kid to Kid. That store is amazing. Sit and Stand Stroller was my awesome find for today.
164- Milk bubbles in cups, the kids treat after they eat their supper. The simple joys.
165- Costco. Since I have been on Maternity Leave that has been our hang out- it is a dangerous hang out however! Hannah scored a new water table and we L.O.V.E their meats and produce!
166- Popcornopolis's Naked Popcorn. I am not a fan. However, seeing our kids and my sweety munch on this very healthy snack instead of the junk-o-la that used to linger in our house = Success!!
167- Pre Baby Weight is back! Now to shed the Hannah pounds and get back to the "normal" me again :)
168- Harrisons new Lego Eagle is made! He is so smart and patient to deal with Legos. All those pieces and directions make Mama's head spin!
169- Mimi coming soon! Many crafty plans are in order for her! Stay tuned! Redecorating 2 rooms is also on her agenda. Yay for Mimi!
170- Health. We continue to hear about people and children who need our prayers for their health- and it makes me feel almost guilty to have such healthy happy kiddos. Praise the Lord!

May you also take a minute today to reflect back on your week - and see the great things which God has done for you.

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