Sunday, April 28, 2013

24 years!

Today is a very special day... it is my Spiritual Birthday... I have had a personal relationship with the Lord for 24 years today!
I realized my need of salvation many miles away from here - back in Saugus MA during Gospel Meetings with Jon Procopio & Jim Smith & was spoken to by the simple truths in Acts 16- about Paul/Silas and the Philippian Jailer- and realized I was a sinner ready for Hell- although just 4 days past my 6th birthday, I knew I did bad things and bad things couldnt go to Heaven - so something had to be done. The Lord Jesus did it all!! for me!! "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be Saved!". Acts 16:31.
It is simply amazing but also scary that I have had His grace for 24 years- and what have I done for Him? May you also be challenged today to make each day count.

 Sneak Peek :) From the door... Hannah's bed


Harrison's side
*Stay Tuned* :)

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