Monday, April 22, 2013

Multitude Monday 181-190 :)

HaPpY MoNdAy!

181- Mimi is here! Having an extra set of loving hands = AMAZING!
182- Spray paint. Random - yes, but the amount of random junk that now looks FUN is too cool!! Sunshine yellow & Bright orange were the colors of choice to accent the new "shared spaces" room for H & H.
183- Gray Stripes!! Hannah's pink princess room is TOTALLY transformed. The walls are done. Cream on 3 walls... BIG gray stripes on the 4th wall :)  :Creek Bend: by Behr to be exact is the stripe color :)
(Pic to come as the bedding and accents and decor go up :))
184- Baby Makayla is here!! Yay for Matt & Jess! What a blessing to have another healthy baby around.
185- 23 days left of work- but who's counting!
186- Jump Street! Such a FUN way for the kids to get out there energy aka and be super tired for bed :)
187- Awesome neighbors.
188- Safety of all our friends and family in Boston. Something I totally take for granted each day. What a wake up! These blessings of safety and normalcy are BLESSINGS that I need to be reminded to appreciate and thank God for each day.
189- Harrison rocked his standarized state tests last week! 3 busy days for him and early bedtimes for him too.
190- Hudson snuggles at 10pm..12am...2am...430am..6am :) No sleep for Mama last night BUT I know that soon these sleepless nights will be over, and he will be 7 in a flash like Harrison is, and will be too old for soo many despite the zombie feeling and the AHH I WANT MY SLEEP mentality, I will choose to enjoy each feeding and whiny time... for now :) 6 weeks = sleep training! watch out! :)

What blessings have you recieved last week? I hope you all enjoy the upcoming week and JUST in case you were wondering... there are just 2..t.w.o ... days until I am OLD!! the big 3-0 is on Wednesday!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my birthday lol, but the fact of getting to the big 3-0 is for SURE a little daunting. I think I will need LOTS of retail therapy to help me overcome this :) :)

Hudson. 3 1/2 weeks ( We are lovin' his double chin :))

Big kiddos on a date with Dad so Mom & Mimi could paint :)

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