Saturday, April 27, 2013

Thankful - 190-200!!

191- Thankful this week for..... my awesome team at work! We seriously had a blast all week working on our 1st grade performance - BUGZ. See pic :)  SO fun!
192- I turned 3-0 and was super spoiled by sooo many.Thank you!! XO My hubby completely rocks :)
193- Hudson has slept the past 2 night for 4-5 hr chunks. We are LOVING it! Sleep training is coming in just 1 week. ( Note to self: Must read the book so I have some clue! :))
194- "42" ( Free movie night thanks to our awesome PTSO!!). This movie was so well done, and eye opening. May we all appreciate each other - no matter the color of our skin - but that we all are children of the King!
195- Giftcards!!
196- Harrison scored...f*o*u*r.. touchdowns last night- the last one was an interception with 10 seconds left!!! Seriously, this mama was so so so so proud :) Although he knows if he scored nada, but tried his best, that is equally amazing ;)
197- Colored bubbles. Ever tried them? Crayola makes them and they are COOL. Use outside only as the bubble juice is MESSY- but pink bubbles!!?? Where were they at our wedding? They would have added SUCH a fun touch!
198- Hydrengeas.
199- Free Iced Coffee Coupon
200- matter the crazy weeks and days we have, and like you mama's know, the days are CRAZY and now our nights are too sometimes ... knowing we can have eternal rest soon is bliss. Seeing our Saviour & Streets of Gold! Amazing Grace.
Enjoy His Grace today and through the weekend...which is my 201st thing- LOVE weekends!

 My sweet Fireflies!! (They all had glitter booties, which were soo sparkly and fun) Love these kiddos!

Pinkified Kiddies & Screaming baby! XO


Harrison is Student of the Month!


Proud Grandmas!



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