Saturday, April 13, 2013

Multitude Monday... a few days... EARLY! What!?! :) :)

Sooo this week we have oodles to be thankful for... and yes it's a couple days early, but with work coming back up next week, its now or never :)

( Disclaimer :)---Want to share, as only an encouragement for others.. Please only read it that way :) )
171- Giving. When you give, it ALWAYS comes back as a blessing to you. We learned how awesome God is.. YET AGAIN!! We had the ability to share fellowship, yet we are NOT budgeters, and just DID IT without even thinking of how big things like rent and bills would get paid... but we gave. Mail came two days later. With the EXACT amount of what we gave..from TOTALLY unexpected sources! The Lord will bless you too, if you are a cheerful giver! if you give to His people!! So try it :)
172- Children. Truly they are a heritage from the Lord. Some days we need to play "Sleepy Lions" like ALL day because we can not handle another random story from our dear Harrison or more "why" questions from sweet Hannah :), BUT when we have our fun,loud wrestle matches, it is seriously PRICELESS and I want to bottle every minute of the yells and screams of joy!! It is also reliving childhood for me too :) My dad and brother were awesome wrestlers, and who says girls arent tough!? :) I held my own and ohhhh does Hannah too!!
173- Sleep!!! Hudson is sleeping MUCH longer, totally on me the whole night all snuggled, but only feeding ONE time from 11-6! Seriously I am one SANE mama and lovin' it for now. Pray he can transistion to crib same way...someday ;)
174- Friends!
175- Food Fellowship so Matt doesnt have to slave in the kitchen or me- GASP- cook!? Whats that!?
176- Sensitive Formula! Saved our little gassy dude!
177- Matching clothes for our kids!! Love love love that Carters and Polo and I guess everyone else, has family matching looks. Pic will come :)
178- Yard Sale Finds!
179- Peace in our hearts about big changes.
180-Chevron. Bright & Colorful. Always brings a smile to my face. Wait until you see the kids shared room after my creative mama tackles... cheery and unisex all at once = amazing!!! :) :)

Take a moment to reflect on God's mercies to you this week! How Great is the God we Adore!

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