Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Multitude Monday in Pictures :)

Happy Labor Day!
We are back from a wonderful weekend hearing good teaching from the Bible- in Akron Ohio. It was a great time of reconnecting with many old friends and making many new ones! We stayed at my dad's aunt and uncles house. So nice to spend quality time with family. Such a blessing!
Harrison was thrilled for his 8 new friends :) Love that he named each one on the car ride home tonight and counted them too. Hannah piped up and told us her friends too :) You will see some happy faces from this weekend in photos below & to our Labor Day BBQ here at my Mom's :)

If you are interested in hearing any of the Bible messages from this weekend- go to: www.akrongospelhall.com ( Look for 2013 Conference)
Music Class with Miss Hannah on Piano

 & Mimi on guitar :)

Hudson 5 months


Our friend Mary is a teacher over in Taiwan! She left on Saturday...this was at her going away party

Mary's brother Benny

In Akron...Lindsey-Hannah-Ava


 Amanda & Brittney :)
Lindsey-Lissie-Jenna & Hannah

Harrison & Mo

My uncle Dave does a super cool outreach work at the local fair. He sets up a booth, makes these cool scriptures, and gives them away. He let our kids take a couple home :)

Uncle Dave & Auntie Katie

Labor Day BBQ at my moms
Very special guest appearance from Malaysia! Mrs Khoo!

Abby Jenna Abby

Rebekah Emma Ashtyn

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