Monday, September 16, 2013

Positive Parenting

So today I have revamped our behavior plan a bit & want to share just in case you are on the hunt for a great way to boost your kiddos self esteem & parent with a positive twist :)

Harrison is a breeze. He loves school- although sometimes since I am his teacher - he tries to wiggle out of assignments with his sweet blue puppy dog eyes- but then he has a great re-set button- he moves on and is EZ....
Hannah is not  a breeze :) She is a tornado :) So after an exhausting night at Gospel service last night, because Matt was speaking, and Hannah was screaming for most of it downstairs and outside, I wondered how can I help her... I know she was TIRED... so that was just silly of me to take her anywhere past 7pm last night- lesson learned- but we know she has a s*t*r*o*n*g will- and we know that God wants that will broken- so she can obey us, as we try and obey God, in parenting.
So.... today the teacher in me got busy :) YAY FOR PINTREST! YAY FOR MY H-DRIVE from school! And Kisses for Kudos was re-born!
Here is the idea should you desire it. It may sound complex, but in reality, after some printing and cutting, its super easy :) Promise. For me, it only works if I can be consistent with it- so it has to be easy.
Here is Hannah's Honey Do List for each day..............
*Obey with a Happy Heart. * Obey without delay ( I say OBEY and she says OKAY and then we both yell YAY :)) It has worked so far today ( must be poetic Monday :)) * Wipe the table after each meal *Get dressed on her own *
( Her learning time has its own behavior plan *The Clip Chart*, but we needed something for minute by minute daily "stuff", and the clip chart is not portable)

Each time she does one of her special jobs, she gets a paper kiss (see the image at the end of this post) She gets to chose the Kiss from the jar ( gives  that sense of control), glue the kiss to her Kiss Paper, get an M&M, and watch the Kisses add up to 5! That is her fave number. She wants to be 5, everything needs to be in sets of 5, etc- so 5 kisses = $1 or she gets an Activity Coupon  for iPad time, nail salon time, playdough time, tea party etc :) The past 3 hours has been BLISS :)
Hope this helps any of you mama's out there also with a Miss Independent Diva like our sweet Hannah!
( I made up a sheet of these kisses, copy & paste to fill a page, and then cut them all out and have them in a Kiss Jar )
Then glue  a kiss to another document that is created (Sorry no clue how to upload docs on here!)
Mine just says KISSES FOR KUDOS, their name, and their jobs. The rest of the paper is blank so that there is loads of room for kisses to be glued on.
It is a great visual - and I love that its kissey & I love that she gets an M&M right away for instant feedback(Modify if sugar isn't allowed for your kiddo)
Will keep you posted as to our Success :) :)

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