Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Multitudes 350-360

Multitude Monday is here again!
What a fabulous week to look back to and be thankful for....
Here is a glimpse into our thankful-nesses :)
350- Hudson's 1st tooth is here! We see it poking out of his gum & feel it, and are thankful it came without any fuss! (Just a super red diaper rash for a couple days)
351- a 91% on my crazy intense research proposal! just 1 more assignment left and then 4 classes left til I have my Masters in Psychology!
352- Class area established. Despite my mom's awesome house with many places to work-  I really needed a nook that we could call "The Classroom". I'm sure it's just the teacher in me that needs a designated spot and maybe if we home-school more than this year, I will outgrow that need for certain structure, but for now, this mini space that we created is working great and we are using the amazing Clip Chart!! :)
353-Yard Sales! Scored Hudson the best excer-saucer ever for a whoppin' $5 & a Barbie Bike for Hannah!
354- Happy Day on 9/8 in Okanogan, WA! Joey's baptism. Thankful that Matt was able to go!
Joey telling his testimony, Wolter.

355-Dodgeball has begun for Harrison :) (Football was cancelled due to lack of participants, but he was excited for d-ball, and he had a blast!)
356- Tabata!
357- Hannah's Swim Lessons! Miss Elisha is awesome, and Hannah loves her 3 pals in the class.
358- Finding our new normal here in IL
359-Downtown Chicago & great bike paths
360- Party Planning for a great cause :)

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