Monday, September 23, 2013

Multitude Monday! 370-380 :)

Thankful for soo many awesome memories so far this Fall. None of which we ever anticipated this time last year! Amazing how God works.  Can't  believe it is the late part of Sept! Wow.
370-This weekend we went to Iowa, for a Bible Conference and reconnected with lots of old friends. Was nice to be in a small town (crazy right!?) and was nice that my mom has cleaned my grandma's house extensively, so we had a house to ourselves. It was a little quiet retreat time ( except our kids bring lots of excitement not quietness :)), in Iowa, with beautiful weather & good teaching from the Bible. 
371- Thankful for my parent's heritage and their friends in Iowa. Met many new friends who great things to share about my family.
372- Encouragement
373- Hudson is on the move! He is up on all 4's, ready to crawl, but instead hops. It's adorable.
374- My brother is out of his long stay in "the justice system". He reunites with my mom tonight in NY. We are praying that he arrives there safely & that from this day on, he lives for the Lord and stays on the right, healthy track. Excited to reconnect. Excited for our family to have Uncle Dusty back.
375- Fall temps & pretty leaves
376- Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle (Bath and Body Works)
377- Matt Maher's Song "Lord I Need You"
378- Football
379- Individual Hummus Containers from Costco (GENIUS!!)
380- Johnny Appleseed's Birthday is Thursday! Bustin' out some homemade applesauce & apple learning. Celebrate with us on Thursday :)

Have a blessed week!!
Enjoy a quote from a plaque we saw at AJ's in AZ ...
"Find something you are willing to die for, and live for it"
What are you willing to die for?

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