Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy Homeschool Moments

This school year has been sooo outta our norm! So many awesome days, so many drag our feet days. We began school on August 7th, and now it is nearly 2 months into it, and we are all surviving :)  With the aid of Pintrest, my H-Drive and some awesome workbooks, we are truly making our  Switched On Schoolhouse Curriculum - ours, and it is working :)
We are thankful for the opportunity to teach Harrison more Biblical truths, spend more time together as a family & progress at our own pace. Another huge perk are the opportunities for real life learning adventures. Wednesday was our 1st official field trip to the Science Museum!

We learned ALOT together- and Hannah enjoyed the museum as much, if not more than Harrison (The rock climbing wall & discovery zone aka playground were her faves). Here are some of our WOW moments :) *We learned that burning lithium creates a hot pink flame, and that burning copper gives off a green flame. This is how fireworks are made (The crazy scientist really did make huge colorful flames in the lobby of the museum- it was so so cool!!)
 * We toured a Coal Mine which was 600 feet below the museum (or it REALLY felt that way even if it was "just" a tour- REALLY felt claustrophobic, and can you believe that back in "the" day, the wages for a ton of coal were 17 cents!! Insanity. We really loved this tour, despite the L*O*U*D noises (poor Hudson) and dark scary train ride, because Harrison JUST took a test on Mining Communities. Love how he made real life connections. He got a piece of bituminous coal too, which was his highlight! * We got to make slime and take it home.
 *My highlight was the  toy factory! We bought a Gravitron- which is a fancy top. We got to see it being built step by step by robots and then after 13 steps, it was packaged for us to keep. I am such a hands on- visible- learner, so it was so fun to see how toys get made and packaged! (And we got a keep sake out of it too:))

Here are some happy homeschool pictures :)

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