Sunday, October 27, 2013

Burnt already & LOVIN' it :)

Arrived Saturday mid- day safely!!
Thank you for praying for us :)

We spent all day outside, in the pool, on the sand, in the waves yesterday! We got good color- or should I rephrase, I have a lobstah for a hubby, and the rest of us got bronzed :) We are all enjoying our time! My mom joins us in a couple days & we have enjoyed being our fab 5 for a bit!

We traveled across Central FL today to the other coast to see some old friends at a church in Fort Pierce ( 3 hours each way!- but SO SO worth it!!!). Brings back happy childhood memories.

We are getting ready to enjoy a normal week here with work for Matt, school for all of us and lots of crawl time for Hudson. No more long car trips until we leave here - except for the 72 mile trek to Disney at some point :) That's not thaaat long in comparison to the trekkin' that's been going on over here :)

Sad Red Sox game last night - but excited for another game tonight! YAY for the Pats- they beat the Dolphins :)

Computer issues so no pic, they will come on Multitude Monday


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