Monday, October 14, 2013

Multitude Monday strikes again! 400-410

Happy Fall ya'll!! We are truly embracing this thing called seasons, and love the Fall colors and temps out here in the midwest. We are noticing there are many more bees out here than we had in AZ, sad for us all, but yay for Dad the bee killer, as one was really loving the "nest" of Hannah's hair. YIKES!!GROSS!!PANIC!! :) :)

400- Etsy
401- Captain Phillips (Must see movie)
402-Glitter tape ( Most amazing accessory to any party ever!)
403- Chevron straws
404- My mom's pumpkin cream cheese log cake
405- New couches for our basement hang out
406- Lemon Endust ( If you havent embraced this dusting magic spray, you must. Your house will smell so fresh & so clean, and it's even better when little hands do the spraying & dusting!!:))
407- New friends stopping in & spending the night with us
408- The Chicago marathon.... sadly no running for me this year... maybe I'll run it again, but as I hear about the hub-bub, I sit back and think about the great 3 years that I was part of that hub-bub :) and I remember the early 4am wake ups on that marathon morning, and the agony I was in for the next 2-3 days post run... but the finish line joy is just amazing & icy hot makes everything ok! Congrats to the Kenyan dude who ran 26.2 miles in.... 2:03:42!!!!!! W.O.W!!!!
409- Operation Christmas Child Shoebox party was a SUCCESS!! The generosity of our friends was overwhelming, and the joy of being together for a fun, hymn filled night (with Baseball too - YAY Red Sox!) was so so so nice.
410- Our first home-school group field trip is tomorrow! We are meeting 67 other home-school families at the Wheaton Conservatory of Music's Children Concert. (Not my typical field trip, I may fall asleep,  as much as i love music, i love to be up and out doing zoo field trips or pumpkin patches instead, BUT, I am super duper thrilled for Harrison to meet and greet with new peeps, and for me to as well !)

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