Monday, January 30, 2017


How is January practically over?! I am not complaining... I loved the newness of the new year... but the coldness is no fun... so I would like to fast forward to April right now :)

Thankful this week  for...

Fellowship Friday ( a new catch phrase ;) One "couples goal" for us in 2017, is to invite more believers over to hang out & get to know them on a deeper level then the "Hi how are you" on Sunday morning, when really I do care about them but I truly am side tracked wondering how many dry erase markers Hudson has found and how many walls he is drawing on 😲.
We have dedicated 2 Fridays each month to this and Month 1 was success!!

random deer crossing the cemetery road at 4pm.... it's so peaceful driving home from the crazy fast paced city... and then a few blocks from our house we saw this...

Thankful for CBD's awesome customer service with our bible delivery!

Thankful for beginning new reads with a great friend
Image result for children matter book

Thankful for another amazing PGM Bible Program graduation night! 
Nic is next to Matt, and if you look closely you can see a black heart on his shirt. 
During his testimony on graduation night, he took off his graduation robe, and showed everyone his "new heart". He is too much! Such life! So encouraging!

 This was a special night for Matt, as he was asked to speak... normally he speaks to the homeless night guests, but it was extra stressful and extra special that he was speaking to his peers, families of the graduates, Bible Program guys and a bunch of homeless guests. As you can see from the pics, he was animated and full of the Spirit- there were some moments when I was praying he would just breathe and not have a heart attack- literally seemed like a cardio workout up there- but the Lord gave serious help ... and Mary was a peach and kept our kiddos home- so I could be there solo with my preacher man 💘

 Thankful for another blessing from PGM.
 Food Friday! Dirt Cups for our Plant unit ( And to my teacher friends- how crazy that we have a plant unit in January!? Makes NO kinda sense.!!)

Thankful for joy in the parenting journey...

 Saturday morning is my FAVE weight class... Saturday morning Harrison woke up looking like a pirate with one eye glued shut with crusty nastiness. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh... I might have told Matt "he owes me big for missing my fave weight class" to which Harrison said "sorry mom but at least we get a date!" Wow this boy. Insert all the feet in my mouth. Insert all the heart emojis for this boy. So my reset button was pushed. Date time it was. First stop Urgent Care, Next stop antibiotics for sinus and pink eye.
 Showing off new Nikes, thanks to PGM!
 Third stop- breakfast!! Fourth stop- shopping. Yes big H, it was way better spent then lifting weights. You are such a special kid & at 11, you kill me with your flipping water bottle self- but the love in my heart for you is so much. 💚💚💚

Sunday morning comes, and we decide to worship at an assembly a block from our house, leaving Harrison home alone. He has Matt's phone and 15 minutes into service... this is what we get... lol... oh Harrison... that washing machine is scary ;)

Lunch date out


Happy last week in January!!!

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  1. Harrison's text.....😂😂😂. Our kids have a way of gently reminding us to look at the positive instead of the negative, don't they? What a sweet boy. 💙