Monday, January 16, 2017


Thankful this week that we made it through :) We had to juggle schedules a bit... but we made it!

Our Food Friday was Siggi's amazing yogurt, with sprinkles and a birthday candle... healthy b-day celebration for Dr King!

Hill Christmas! Saturday 1/14/17
we loved postponing Christmas until now & loved the dress code of jammies and Pats gear

 4 days til due date!!!!

 Pats Hats
 Auntie got her an Abercrombie shirt... this is Hannah's face of "um, I dont even know what that means". Hysterical.

 Mimi got Hudson the cutest racing bike ever but our giant 3 yr old is wayyyy to big for it... sigh... so hoping to get a big boy one :)
 Happy Late 37th to Dust!

 Super cute toy time with Mimi and Grandpa Ray
 Maybe Dustin is expecting πŸ‘ΆπŸ™ˆ & the trial of the baby Bjorn on a giant man... lol.. a sight to be seen...
 Happy MLK Day! A trip to Pump it Up! In all transparency, my arm was totally twisted to take these kids....Harrison had told his friends already that I was, so Friday til Sunday they were lightin' up my phone lol Soooo with Matt's gracious reminders of showing all our kid's friends Jesus... and how we need to reach out to our own community.... I agreed... and now that they are all at their own homes and my own 3 are resting, I am very glad we all went... Harrison's friends were super, and we adore adore adore Hannah K, so all is good :) And hoping for more immediate grace in 2017, less arm twisting

 Christopherson kiddos joined the fun too!!


 One sure way of not having to share his car😜

And my weekly take away from Ann Voskamp's book : pg 107 "The hands of every clock never stop signing this: the best use of your hands is always love. The best way to say you love is time. The best time to love is always now."

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  1. Such fun times! Way to go taking all those kids somewhere fun on your day off, super momma. Looks like they had an amazing time!