Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Last Week of December... Seaview Style!!

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Thankful for an amazing holiday break, and here are our many memories captured up until we left Seaview  :) XO

Monday after Christmas... hitting up Costco 

 and then out to the beach!!

  Tuesday.... deep sea fishing for Matt, Harrison and friends

 Momma and littles back at the pool :)

 Tuesday's incredible sunset. We were in awe nightly... like it felt as if the end of the world was right in front of us- and the gorgeous yellow ball would just sink...sink... and disappear... and like that a day had come to a close... we were super focused on time this trip... making the most of it all and trying hard to be present all the time. embracing and enjoying all the details...

Morning Runs! Thankful for runs each day that were just 1.4 miles each way, but the weather mixed with the sunrise made it a great way to begin each day!
 Hannah Cate and McKenna
 Such a fun group of Harrison aged boys!!

 Maggie and Hudson .... floaties and shuffleboard :)

 Hannah banana xo

 Candy Kitchen Run!
Sunset Selfie
 So the fish from fishing was turned into pretty tasty fish tacos!

 Fish, Guac, Onions,Cole Slaw and Pineapple... Dont Knock it til you tried it and ummmmm you'll agree it's soo good.... make sure the guac you use has some heat to it... Matt added a few habeneros and the slaw took the heat down to the perfect degree :)

 He got fried :)
 Thankful that this fun group was able to have a sleep over and somehow these poor youngin's never played Spoons!?! How is that even possible!! So the Spoon battle began and it was a trip!!

That sweet smile and bed head.... xo!

Matt took Hudsie, who was in dire need of some by himself time, for a ride to a beach a few miles away.. just for an adventure... and they both loved it

 Harrison Ava and Ella doing water sit ups :)

 This was my fave Ebay suit for Hannah.... that cat! Ah too much! And loved how her sunnies totally matched :)
(Each trip we go on I feel prepared in a couple areas but never the whole thing.. lol.. this time I felt prepared in the Hannah department... with swim gear.... loved the Ebay peeps I dealt with in getting her suits... the shipping was either free or dirt cheap and the sizing was right on and since she loved changing after lunch into a new dry suit, having a bunch was a great thing... Hooray!!)
 Pink One Piece with Ruffle Flamingo  Two Piece Flamingo
 Orange with Navy and White Jewels ( Her fave :))
 Sunrise run on the bridge

 Maggie and Hannah
 Enjoying the amazing beach and most likely Ben's creative sand sculptures :)
 Beach football
 Sunset Memory with Hannah Banana and Claire Bear.

 Friday was freezing, or for us it was! 60 degrees! We still were in denial that it was cold, but at Gatorland we couldn't pull through! So the kids left with adorable, spendy lol, souvenir hoodies :) Hannah getting her annual face painting treat ... this guy is so legit... he literally whipped up this adorable leopard in t-minus 5 minutes!!!

 Bummed that this did not come out with proper lighting, but we were super excited to share our love of Gatorland with a new friends, and they were loving it too!!

 Harrison with two of the boys, Cash and either Elijah or Elias :)
 The Gators were jumping for the Jumparoo show, which we normally never get front and center views of!

 Yes, it was so fun, and they were so tired. That hour car ride back was in perfect peace :)

 Perfect way to wrap up December.... xo

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