Friday, January 20, 2017

Welcoming our adorable nephew

Image result for being an aunt quotes  Yes, Winnie  you are 100% correct.
This little guy is too much to handle. So much cuteness. So much miracle. So much blessing. We are thankful and very very very excited. #tryingnottosmother #Ijustcanthelpit #AuntieAliisinfullforce

{So at times like this.... I see God smiling and just wanting to say Hey I told you it ALL works for your good... we got back from FL with grudging hearts about the Whys of living in the cold windy gray state of IL... and we know God put us here.. for now... and for times like this when we can snuggle our newborn, 3 hour old nephew, and embrace a tearfully, emotional brother, and hug on and love on the new momma... this is why God has called us here... this is a piece of our Chicago puzzle... and we are loving seeing God use it all for His good... even if it's cold 80% of the time... our hearts couldn't be warmer..}

Brand New 
Allen Zigmund Hill 

 The perfection of God's handiwork... the teeny nose... those lips... and those itty fingers!?! 
This baby comes at the PERFECT time when I may be having the teeniest amount of baby fever... Little Al Pal will be my cure :) 

Big Bro... the guy who we totally had on record that 1- he was for sure not getting married and 2- would adopt a little boy & spoil him rotten... 
well thankful he married beautiful, fun Mila!! And here's that son... the son that will be so loved on by so many.. and has been prayed for so much already... the Lord has big plans... and how amazingly cool to see the glorious unfolding...

Mimi and Grandpa Ray 

That face!!! Kissable!!!

We meet at last. Smitten. 200000%. 

Only dreamed about this day... and here it is... soo special.
The cousins will love lovin' on him- but it was like wayyy too much for them in the hospital room...Hudson was not a fan of sharing momma! 

Those cheeks!!!

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