Wednesday, January 11, 2017


New Years Eve had us in the car again.. on the road again... but this time it was just a short 6 hour ride to Panama City Beach, FL, where we would keep enjoying the beach for a few more days!

 true story.

 Our view. 

 This Hotel... nothing fancy.. just the Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City... but the service everywhere was fantastic... the room was legit with 2 sets of bunks, petitioned away from our bed, perfect set up. This will be a repeat place for sure, especially the kids eat free deal :)

 Harrison's vacay wound... literally happened last day at seaview... goofballs on the beach being a tad too careless and wham, shell cuts his head.. good thing some of our friends are nurses... he got fixed right up!

So the NYE Bash was an 8pm, 10,000 Beach Ball Drop... we stopped at the movies to watch SING and then came outside to the boardwalk at 7:30, along with a million others... this holiday hoopla momma's heart was a tiny bit broken when I was noticing all around us the drunken craze was already taking place.. and here I had thought we could have some good family fun and be awake for it! Sadly we did leave before the 10,000 balls dropped, but I caught it online ;) and we had a fab, safe, uncrowded supper at Carabba's instead :) Although our waitress was looped right out and crazy, we loved that choice ....
Although we were still in FL, the temps were 10 degrees cooler... if not more... so we were thankful the pool was warm :)
 One fun trip to a random surf shack to get Harrison a shark tooth ended up with a new pet for us ( that being said, it is no longer with us, and we were able to watch each leg fall off *gasp*.. according to google that happens when the crab is under stress... wonder how a car ride, minute by minute handling and lots of food could add stress to that little crabby's life?! :) )
Coconut Oil Hebert was named....

 Ok 1st time eating oysters.... and because they were baked... they were a HIT!!! and covered in cheese and jalapenos :)
 Sorry not sorry :) Had to be eaten apparently according to waitress in one big bite.. so there I go! :)

 Good Ole Coco

What we were thinking when we agreed to Cotton Candy as a car food!? 
A few new reads for this year... Radical is one and has been awesome so far... 
Finding I Am BIble Study is another... Broken Way by Ann Voskamp is another... 

  So after Panama City we kept road tripping and this hotel was legit... never stayed at  a Best western... but this one hit us because it was surprisingly brand new & really cool!! So we stayed... the lady at the desk made us popcorn... gave us free candy bars ( since we clearly needed more sugar), and gave us whatever juice at the bar the kids wanted... the kindness was so great, and then a stranger checking in asked the kids if they wanted her to buy ice cream!? I nixed that one, but the gesture was super sweet. Down South hospitality at it's finest!

 Loved this!!
 Shooting Range and free old ammo to take home!

 Adventure continues!

 Made Hannah her own little ice cream shop
That cold snowy view

As Matt was chiseling away at the reality of ice again... he made sure to make a heart  ;)
 Big feast with friends!! So good.

Home Sweet Home and hooray for Memere and Pepere Hebert sending boxes of Christmas goodies!

 Huge shout out to Dan Harvey for these 3 new reads!!
 And this... we got home to gorgeous new floors ... hoorayyyyyy.., and the fun part of rearranging things again and moving back in... so this nook under the steps that never looked good or was too useful.. got put to great use now... Barbie Bungalow :) Girls Only, except Hudson ;)
Thankful that the kiddos did not have school on Monday the 9th, and with our nanny out of town, they got to come with me!!

 Love how Hudsie is the same size as my kids :)
 And the ride home... was a peaceful slumber :)

 So once the big kids leave in the morning, Hudson is a BREEzE to hang out with! So fun. I wanted to get more creative with indoor play activities, so here we go... fine motor skill building hammering :)
 These kind men cut all the wood into smaller chunks... and they fit so nicely inside the Big Orange 5 Gallon Home Depot Bucket, which makes a great "Wood Working" Center :)

 Hannah's love for Jelly Belly's must run in the Hill blood :)
 Words of Wisdom from Insta....

Until next Monday.... or maybe Tuesday as Monday is a holiday and we'll be all sortsa crazy over here :) 

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