Monday, February 6, 2017


Image result for valentines month Thankful for a new month... a month full of pink, hearts, glitter and lots of love!!

Thankful that after a week of changes, we are yet again embracing new schedules and really trying to live each day to the max. Funny how at just the time all seems calm, something pops up... why???!! Let this momma just enjoy the peace for a day ok!?! Trying to find the why's... and guessing things happen to make me reflect on how I am not in control of our life like I like to think.. and our Heavenly Father is... and He is a good good father... and we just need to rely more on Him, His timing, and allow Him to move all the crazy pieces of our lives for His glory...
Image result for good good fatherImage result for good good father

 Our new schedule means more dad time! πŸ‘

 Thankful for a daughter who loves going all in for festive events... 100th day "dress like you're 100 years old"  was a dream come true for us to figure out. Her "cane" is a duct taped golf club, as our thrift stores were out of canes ;)
 Thankful that from the curler episode, she had a love to sleep on sponge curlers ( once her gray locks were back to normal :) and how cute the boing-y curls were!! #childhoodmemories

 Thankful that CPS made all the teachers have an unpaid day off Friday. Although we are super annoyed by the 4 furlough days they imposed.... no one was complaining Thursday about a long weekend :) Friday morning had Hudsie and I snuggling Allen. Look at this munchkin! He is totally smitten by his momma and it's sooooo cute how she speaks Polish to him....πŸ’—πŸ’—

Chop chop! Thankful for Hannah's new do! 😍

Thankful for these pics of Tom's littlest fan ... Go Pats!

Thankful for a fun weekend getaway, with today taken off too... fun time with friends, good church sermon on John the baptist, and there might have been a football game too ;)
{Our friend doesn't have wifi, and it's a beautiful break from reality! No phone service either, and just us all together... and simple joys! I hammered through Broken Way- but that may be one I revisit often... S.U.C.H a great read... another great take away from it pg 255 " Everyone needs communion in their brokenness and Christ always comes to us showing His scars".... "to give someone your broken heart means breaking pride, breaking lies, breaking fear. There's no communion unless someone breaks their ego." }

Image result for patriots win super bowl 51

 Thankful for Matt's mom who sends adorable love packages to our kiddies. Do you spy the rolled up moola on the stick? So fun!!

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  1. That sweet, sweet baby looking at his momma! 😍 Also, we were cheering on the Pats...and what a win! Great Super Bowl.