Monday, February 27, 2017


Thankful for amazing audio messages that encourage.
Jacksons 2017 conference messages are available... two of my faves were done by a fave preacher of ours... Dale Vitale... here is the link

Dale's Message #1

Thankful for Hannah learning to ride her bike without training wheels!

Thankful for a fun short 4 day week last week. With one day being on Internet Safety & digital learning. 

Thankful for a fun new ride!

Thankful for a fun Food Friday activity ... praying the students did not have night mares ;) But we got to be the predator ( big fancy word for these kiddos) and eat the Peep ( aka penguin). It was a blast and yummy ( and zero prep !!)

Those are their scary leopard seal faces ( loved that Hudsie could come with me on Friday too :))

Thankful for dad son dates & the love of taking car wash selfies ;)

Thankful for an encouraging Fellowship Friday with a dear couple from church... and the sushi we enjoyed was delish!! Month 2 of Fellowship Friday 
( kinda excited as sometimes our best intentions are short lived, but with 2 months down, we think we can make this idea a new norm )

Image result for brandon heath quotes give me your eyes

Thankful for hearing Brandon Heath's song "Give Me Your Eyes" after not hearing it in like FOREVER.... came at just the right time... 

Thankful for baby Al being a celebrity, bringing our fam into town! 

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