Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sunday- Wednesday Memories {June 2K16}

Today is Hump Day!! Woot woot!!

Sunday night we stayed at an amazing condo, thank you Kazens!! The condo was bigger than our town house... so clearly way more space than our last living quarters of Terry the trailer too :) It was a much needed refresher ...
Leavenworth was hot... perfect summer weather... perfect summer evening... our meal was delish... late night pizza was delish too... we enjoyed our 1st TV night in a while and loved watching the swimmers and divers and gymnasts get ready for Rio
Monday was another beautiful morning.... park date... baseball... breakfast out at Louie's cafe and a stop at the Gingerbread Factory had us on our way...
my least favorite part of the journey is the trek down Steven's Pass massive mountainous area... think the drop of Splash Mountain but for 7 miles... My stomach knots up.. I was trying feverishly to distract myself while pretending to support my fearless captain... we survived... and the Lord gets the props ... again :)

Arrived at Hotel Kazen... their gift is selfless love and sharing... and our kids and theirs get along great..

VBS is each evening, which made Monday fast... but yesterday after a little sleep in and pedi time, it was just fun playing together, sunning, and then grabbibg a 4 course meal during Senior Special time at Anthonys,,, just us 4.. very yummy & awesome chats...

VBS day 2 a bigger night by about 10 kiddos...

Today we trekked to Deception Pass which is a state park and just beautiful. God's creation is beautiful although I am too calloused and spoiled to be in awe and let it soak it.. Everywhere we look we see green and trees and beauty and see wild life... and give thanks that Our God thought about pleasing us every day by this amazing creation...

Picture Updates:
1st picture of the trio on Wednesday June 22.. Reunited!!
 Thank you Uncle Dusty for this amazing sugar overload for  the plane! (Yes I was good and did not eat all of it ... although I think it was all for Hudson :) )
Hudson rocked another plane ride. Having 1 kiddo made flying a BREEZE!! He was snuggled and cuddled and out pretty fast! (limiting the candy helped ;))

  The views upon arrival!! Amazing..

June 23.. Harrison Allen is 11!!
Birthday candle in the toast was a cute way to start the day :)

 Loving all things dirt,

Loving all things dog ( no this isnt ours... it was a stray that someone took in and let Hannah "walk" all day :)) 

Last weekend in Okanogan
Tina & Wolter kindly shared their fun toys :)

 Love the two additions to our Party of 5... Isabella and Madison ( pray for her)

 Sunday June 26: Playing as waited HUNGRILY for supper :)

 Her beautiful souvenir 


LOVE that our kids love napping as we drive...
This is en route from Leavenworth to Kazens

 Yay!! Our friends!! Gavin Hannah Janae and Mylah
 VBS Games ( Harrison is in blue and neon orange)

 Sorry for a creepy toe picture... buttttt I am lovin' this cuteness...

 Deja Vu! Wednesday going to Deception Pass

 We made it! Ocean!


 Smiling Studs

 Bathed and smelling yummy.... loving allllllll the toys that Gavin kindly shares... 

 Hudson Heaven 

All for now! XOXO

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