Tuesday, June 21, 2016

End of Year Wrap Up

(Week of June 13th)

Thankful today for my big bro and sis in law... Thankful that we connected for another yummy meal and had good, real chats.

Thankful for the 1st meeting starting off well in Okanogan. Good crowds. God gave help. Let the next 2 weeks be FULL of blessing and encouragement :)

Thankful for friend's invitations to hang out. Although my tired self wanted to retreat- I said YES and had such a good night... Hudson swam and swam until 10:30pm!! And yes he slept til 9am the next day :)

Thankful for answered prayers and the safe healthy arrival of our friends Princess T!

Thankful for reminders that the Lord could come... today... and to not let the stresses of the day to day life get us down...
Today's Wisdom Hunter quote: "The deeper your relationship with Jesus, the broader your influence for Jesus"

Thankful that we have 6 days left of school.

(Week of June 20th)

Thankful for already walking down the dark grief road, so I can be a better encourager & comforter to my dear sis during her grief road

Thankful to have survived another Father's Day... Not my fave holiday

Thankful to have heard news about Hudson receiving special Ed preschool in the fall for speech & OT. They qualified him as having a developmental delay & although I'm
Thrilled by the services & early intervention ... Hearing the deficits that they think he has was emotionally draining... But he's a tough kiddo & will work hard :)

Thankful for mark & Brenda bacherts visit in Sunday & encouragement during ministry... words from The Word that hit.home.hard. Yes. Thank you.

Thankful for continued blessing in WA - (week one done, week 2 begins. Week 1 Schedule: mornings free, afternoon Teen Time, Supper all together, Gospel Meeting. Week 2 Schedule: VBS in the mornings, lunch together, teen time, supper together, gospel meeting)
VBS day 1 had 53 kiddos in attendance!

Thankful that my principal is a crazy go getter & made sure our non educational field trip was approved

Thankful for my friends on here, that knew about my crazy 1st year in this amazingly crazy and increasingly dangerous city and prayed me through and supplied my kiddos with amazing resources.... love you... very much. xo

Thankful that today I get to announce 24 kindergarten "graduates" and that they all will get some sort of award... even if it's the "Triers Award".... they will all get recognized... and I am alive and smiling to tell about it :) It was the longest year ever.... but thankful for being stretched totally outta my pintrest comfort zone :)

Thankful to be CHECKED IN!!! Sea Tac here we come tomorrow morning!!!!! Party of 5 time!!!!!

 ( Blue Grass Festival WA)

 ( Saturday before Father's Day)

 Park date with Mimi

 Guys... seriously.... why me!!?? When the hubby's away... the mice will play... Love living by a forest preserve... hate the cute little mice that come in to play... This guy... was... eek... not even dead yet... seriously heart breaking... but THEN two days later, my 11 remaining traps ( I dont even play), caught ANOTHER little cutie.... AHH.... my 10 traps will remain set  the entire time we're gone ( all july and some of august lord willing and we better not come home to 10 mice... for real...)

 ADORE frankie... adore the fact that our place is spotless EVERY afternoon. 

 Love  that Hannah has friends in WA... new to us friends... never met this amazingly sweet family Sammy and Daniella.. a new couple that breaks bread in Okanogan... and they love on Hannah like she's theirs...

 Play hard. Sleep hard.

 So this is the trip... totally a celebratory event... the kids LOVED IT!!! I LOVED IT!! Win win and win for the best principal ...

 My score- WOOT WOOT :)


 They found a festival by the little library :)

 We found a new to us Custard spot... All smiles!

 Ms Williams Bey ( My awesome team mate in Kinder this year and a child who has caused tears tears and lots of prayers... look at that smile... she is worth all those tears and then some... she changed my life...)

 Pool side with this handsome hunk 
 Look at this updated hall!!! I am SO excited to see it Sunday!! They totally re did it... 
Birthday Boys :)

Homeless mission in Omak

 Love this guy. SO. Much. 

 Love this chick. So. much. The joy she has with Hudson is amazing... the fact she helped him call her Key Key since he cant even begin to say Frankie.. was adorably sweet. 

 VBS day 1

 Yay for Auntie Roz who is Hannah's hair lady :)

 Zoo trip with 19 out of 24 kiddos


  1. You did an amazing job staying positive throughout this school year, even when it was incredibly challenging. Loved reading and seeing all that you were doing in your classroom! I can't think of anyone better equipped to make the best out of a difficult situation. Now you can relax and enjoy your big road trip with the fam! (Also...all the mice traps.....hahahahaha) ;)

    1. Love you sweet lady!! Thank YOU soo much for sharing your amazing gift of building others up. XO
      Seriously though... so gross.. hahaha!!