Monday, June 6, 2016


Thankful this week....

for fun fam jam time

actually creating a crafty center ... literally took 1 minute.... number triangles ( cones), and kids use pom poms as ice cream scoops. Besides having an all out ice cream war, ( pom poms flyyyying), we all loved it 99.9% of the time we used it this week :)

thankful for an amazing kindergarten year for Hannah. Serious prayers answered... Seriously. I cant even tell you the prayers we prayed when we heard she was in the PM section of kinder. My inward freakish mom came out "But how will she survive without naps?" "and how come we cant have the warm fuzzy cute and young teacher?".... and low and behold .... the older veteran teacher who has been there since 1989... TRUE STORY... was loved in a big way by Hannah... she was the perfect fit...and the beauty sleep always came in the afternoon during dinner prep... perfecto :)

Thankful for Hudson learning & growing & being his adorable, crazy 3  year old self.

Thankful for fun times with Dad XO

Thankful to have SUN for a run!

Thankful for lessons that were learned the ... hard ....very annoying way.  True story. My room looked like this on Thursday morning. Seriously!!!??
(Corn starch doesn't make for a happy night janitor apparently- if only he knew how much joy that corn starch conditioner ice cream center brought my munchkins I bet he woulda been a tadddddd nicer :))

Thankful for student's creativity. This center is the "read and stack" center... read a card, get a cup. The goal being to make the tallest cup tower, because you've read so many cards... they wanted to have a team work option of read and no tower :)

Thankful for fun friends' parties!

I own this park - Hudson.

Thankful for a perfect Saturday. 
Games all morning, so from 830-130 we were cheering, eating and getting dirty. 

Thankful for a safe send off for 3 of my favorite peeps.... more on the road trip later :)  But for now, we are thankful that 1) the 1st 10 hour day was flawless, 2) that Tmobile took away a roaming fee because she wanted to encourage us?!?! 3) that speed limit is 80MPH 

Thankful for our amazing sitter who makes me working the last 11 days of the school year not so terrrible....
{Truth be told I LOVE LOVE LOVE the end of the school year.... and praying I enjoy it with my pumpkins and don't rush through it...}

Thankful that after their send off, I took Hudson to morning worship & had a beautiful meeting. Hymn 322 gets me every.single. time. 
I am working hard lately on personal sacrifice... so I took the verse "all the vain things that charm me most, I sacrifice them to His blood" to heart....
 Sometimes I catch myself just singing songs- not truly letting the truth seep in... But thankfully yesterday I was there. All there... The words mattered. And really just encouraged me to keep giving up ME...

Enjoy the week!!! Stay tuned for "hebertstakeonUSA" posts and updates :) Prayers appreciated for me with Hudson & Matt with the 2 H's 

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