Monday, June 13, 2016

Our Summer Adventure begins!

Sooo much to be thankful for, as I think back over the past 4 summer adventures to WA!
So excited to be joining the crew there again this year after I stayed home with Hannah and Hudson last summer.

Matt and the 2 H's, left 8am Sunday June 5th , with a van meticulously packed, I know my dad was smiling from heaven. Spotless rugs. One seat stowed to give a little more room for the cooler and snacks and all the drycleaned clothes...
and the kids... ok so guys ... I got OCD - which I didn't think could ever happen- with the kid's packing... I slightly panic when I think of Hannah in WA with Matt getting her ready... visions of Hannah in her nightgown on Sunday morning, scarily pop into my brain-  because she claims "its a dress", soooo ziplocs & sharpies to the rescue.
Each kiddo got 14 day bags & 14 meeting bags- stuffed with fresh undies & outfit appropriate for each. Along with a separate hotel only bag for the road trip part... goal is not to open the trunk until arrival at the camp site in WA... 4 days after departure... :)

Day 1 : They drove to Mitchell South Dakota... 10 hours down... pool and pizza refueled them beautifully :)
Day 2: They drove to Mt Rushmore, took BREATHTAKING pictures, explored a cool museum, and then drove to Cody WY.The amount of wild life they saw along the way was seriously unreal. I think they stopped counting after 200 deer, 2 moose, a bunch of elk etc....
I booked them a room at Irma Hotel, Buffalo Bill's hotel, looked super fun and historical...and their buffet got rave reviews... buttttt.... Harrison got spooked. He said he felt like people were watching him.. and funny thing is when I booked the room I asked the guy if there was a TV in the room & he was like "yeah, but we tell the kids to look for ghosts, not watch TV"... I bet he actually said that to Big H ... and knowing Big H... he believed him ... thanks guy...  So they cancelled that and spent a WHOPPING $188 for ... HOLIDAY INN!? What in the world!? Who knew WY was such a hot spot? But today begins their Yellow Stone adventure!


 Guessing Matt said to act like they love each other and Hannah was all for a big hug and Harrison is dying inside :)

day 3 & 4: were full of wild life, more fun at the hotel pools and enjoying the breakfasts too. I love Hannah's joy of hotel breakfasts. Such a fun, silly joy- but 1- we know food is seriously not to be taken for granted, have been witness to too many thieving kids in the lunch line to realize food is a BLESSING, and 2- she loves how fun it is to choose whatever you want- the self service smorgasboard of choices makes her heart (and tummy!) full :)

Here comes the Terry Trailer! Our home sweet home while in WA

 New friends :)

 Thankful that Wolter and Tina made the 1st Saturday in WA amazing!!!! Complete with a brand new hand made apron for Hannah, horse time, quad time and FISHING! 

 Meanwhile... little buddy got his hair cut on Saturday morning... I ate the frog 1st! Mark Twain's idea is valid and applicable even today :) Hudson dislikes that buzzer in the WORST way... but we managed and were super thankful for the patience of the new hair lady! Loved her! and now he is BUZZED and no more hair drama til August :)  And now he can rest after his massive fit... sigh....

 Hudson cheesing!!

Road Trip part I done... stay tuned for more Multitude Mondays & Road Trip Part II later in June :)

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