Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Counting our blessings...

(Written Saturday 6-25)

This is only a shout out to God's goodness and to give glory to God's people... the idea that we all are God's family when we are believers... is something that I have known from my earliest childhood days, but now as a momma.... having total strangers and friends who we only see once a year, love on our family ... is seriously too much.
The trio was out here, and fully cared for .... every aspect... every need... met.
Hudson & I were fully cared for by our family in New Lennox... every need... met.

As I sit in Wolter and Tina's breakfast nook, with animals making their morning sounds, and kids are still asleep, I am seriously just overflowing with thankfulness.... I am most definitely thinking of ways to pay it forward... to keep sharing the love of Christ in practical, physical ways with others ... Reality glimpse: my selfish side always shows up & makes a grand stage appearance... thankfully just between matt & I... and he gets it...I try not to be high maintenance every time I come out here... and this year the Lord knew and only allowed me to be here for a short time :) The biggest obstacles were the camping showers... creepy crawlies included... & Hudson's extreme love of dirt. Deep breath. Dirty everything is part of childhood?!?! So I did embrace it... thank you Bleach.... and to say we are excited for an inside Hall VBS this week is an understatement :)

Next trek: We  leave Okanogan after their nursing home outreach tomorrow (Sunday) and drive to an adorably quaint town called Leavenworth ( this ski town is apparently amazing in the winter, but we find it equally amazing in the summer with all the little local shops, the yummy eateries and the views!) to regroup as our 5some... ( I am a huge fan of making sure we are all connected and reset... after a long stint of BUSY... just sitting back and being together with no plans... should be a welcome retreat for a day) and then head to Marysville Monday, to stay the week with our friends Dennis and Donna Lynn Kazen. We will, Lord willing, help with their evening VBS that week, and then drive to Montana as our 1st stop of our 2700 mile road trip back East :)

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Prayer List:
Dustin & Amy &  their 6 kids.
(Visitors to VBS for the 3rd year, came to meetings some nights. She homeschools. Their oldest is 10. Family dynamics are strange & we need to pray for those cutie pie kiddos & for Amy to find salvation. She is troubled. Something seems way off..)

( a sweet teen, who has a very troubled home life, and is seeking a way to fill that dark void of being ignored and abused)

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