Monday, February 29, 2016

Just like that.... February is done!

How is this the last day of February!? Feels literally like yesterday I was excited that my favorite Pink Glittery Love Month was here... .

Thankful this week that my aunt was able to take time off work and be our nanny, housecleaner, cook, organizer and tree house maker :)

Thankful that we are now back to our version of normal, with Dad home and routines back.

Thankful that Matt was able to be encouraged and grow spiritually while he was with Ross.

Thankful that friends from church were able to donate their time on a Friday to come read to my class

Thankful that  my class WON for the PreK-2nd age group in most books read and most quizzes taken ( Love Accelerated Reader!!)

Thankful for  good friends in AZ who sacrifice time and space to help pick up and store a new to us quad :) 
Thankful Hudson getting 2 speech sessions a week and for an improvement in communication. 

Thankful for Hannah getting invited to her 1st Kindergarten Birthday Party. 
{After last week when Harrison got 2 birthday invites .... Hannah was feeling pretty blue... but now .... it's a different story}

Thankful for this AHHMAZING weather!! Sun and warmer temps makes me a whole new person! 

Thankful to be reminded about God's handiwork each time I drive into the sunrise. There is such beauty literally all around us... take the time to see it and be thankful for it... 
 Hudson LOVED watching Auntie Paula get creamed

 We love our new pie game (thanks Jill for the recommendation!!) Hannah, not one to like anything smooshy on her face, opts for the sponge not the whipped cream. 

 Penguin Jammies and waffles with Cool Whip

 Yes Yes Yes

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