Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Thankful that Matt's testimony : Part 1: aired Saturday night on Unshackled!
Here is link for both parts :) Praying that God will use this to help build relationships and totally encourage those families who have crazy kids and think there is no hope! God answers prayers. His mom is the greatest example of a real life Hannah... always in prayer for her son... God is faithful. He is good... ALL the time. Not only does it share how God reached Matt, on a cute-sie side note it shares how we met, which is the best Valentine week present ever :)


Thankful for mail surprises! Love you Auntie Jack!! XO
Mark Batterson's Book ALL IN has me totally captivated. And this pink journal. Love love love it.

Thankful for fun hair ideas. Bang time to spice up this winter mess! Reese and Carrie's are my top 2.  

 Thankful for motivation.{This quote makes it seem so attainable!}

 Thankful for the sweetest most frail lady who gave Hannah this intricate paper swan. It's amazing what someone can do with paper, glue and an insane amount of time!

Thankful for being immersed in Black History Month activities. 
 Thankful for WIKI STICKS! These wax sticks are the best hands on activity for learning!
(Those adorable felt letters are courtesy of Target's $3 bin! Love using them for word family activities!)

Thankful for pictures of this handsome buddy. Waiting to pick up "Haha and Haha" :) 

 He is so full of life!

Thankful for the War Room movie. Inspiring & motivating.
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