Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Thankful this week for.....

Bunkbeds going up. {True story : we bought a set from Target, and they got damaged in transit and never showed up. Tried again.. same thing.. Thought maybe Bunkbeds were not for us?! But tried the 3rd time from Amazon & oh how we love everything about Amazon! Success! They arrived & Matt was able to set them up solo!}

Bedding that allows both kiddos to be happy in their shared space. {Horses & Patriots}

Hudson adjusting like a champ to Harrison's big bed {The trains all over totally helped!}

Matt's heart to help others & create relationships. Our Sunday was way outta our ordinary, but we really enjoyed meeting new people & connecting with a few of Matt's PGM friends, outside of the mission.

Valentines Day! We used this day as an "eat all the things" day & loved every second of the carb and sugar overload! Our bodies did NOT like it however and we are excited to detox and reboot :)

for all devotions being about Love. Yet, I have such a hard time truly applying what I read. Example: It's 6am on a Saturday and I am cozy and enjoying the silence, downstairs, reading and writing. Then I hear the thumps, as little Miss decides to thump down the steps. Really? Show love here? How?
 Its 1) way too early and 2) MY devotion time... And then I reflect and sit and think about my reaction ( of marching that sleepy girl right back up to zzzz land with stern words) was my devotion time worth it or could I have stopped MY time with God and let her in even in the wee morning hours?!
     God isnt finished with me yet & I am thankful...
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Hudson's speech therapist, Miss Julie, readjusting her schedule to make it work better for our little man. {Normal speech sessions would begin at 1:15, an hour into Hudson's nap. then end with a huge fit because 1) she takes all her cool toys with her when she leaves and 2) hudson is beyond crabby and tired.} Now, she comes early in the morning and was totally impressed by how much better he responded.

friends who bake! follow @mommybets on IG... she bakes beautiful cookies & now ships too!

for pink glitter nails.

for a yummy smelling house. Scent this month: 

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