Monday, February 22, 2016


Thankful for praying friends.

Thankful for bringing Hannah on a field trip with me! It was so much fun having her with our class and watching her play with my kiddos. Quality time is one of her love languages for sure.

Thankful for a playdate with Uncle Dusty & Auntie Mila at Dave and Busters.
 (We got home at like 6pm & look these "we are NOT tired moooom" Snuggled up... too cute)

Thankful that Harrison won at that giant claw "waste of money" game!! 1st time anyone from our clan has won at that!! Woot Woot!!

Thankful for birthday parties galore- great distraction from missing Dad!

Thankful for Matt's heart to help others & travel to Texas to encourage another preaching friend. The spanish assembly there was encouraged and what a blessing to witness a baptism in the Gulf! These outta the norm experiences are seriously one of a kind... and only happen when we "step out of the boat" in faith and trust God.

Thankful for our close knit church family.

Thankful thankful thankful for the inspiring All In book. I am so close to being done! Each paragraph literally hits me as an " I know right!?!?" moment. Love it.

Thankful for organization. Our space is small, so having a place for everything is tricky- but after 8 months we have made some serious progress & enjoy the simplicity.
(BEFORE... cringe...)                     (After,,,sigh...yay... the gold details are SO fun right!? :)

Thankful for the 100th day of School! {Seems like just yesterday I was walking into the unknown world of Room 108... colorless... empty walls... strange faces in the halls... now we are like family & the life that my room has ... is beautiful! Thank you for all the support, my dear bloggie pals!!}

 Random Life:

 Yay for Susanna and her fab babysitting skills! It called for a break & a Red Robin date! (Yum!!!)

 ( We love counting eyeballs and making eye ball pizza during my days off :)) 

 True Story. This outfit happened. :)

 Goodbye white couch (that we could never keep white. Pottery Barn how can I ever have your WHITE couch!?! And keep it white!?! Someday???)

Sunday School Pictures from Texas... Arrival home in T Minus 4 days!! WAHOOOOO

 Ross and a friend singing

 I will never complain about my Sunday school room again. This. Is. Real. Life. 

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