Monday, March 7, 2016


Thankful this week for...

a hubby who loves to cook and created an amazing healthy shepherds pie... with a cinnamon heart.. yes yes he did.... xo

Hannah's huge appreciative heart. After a fun mom daughter date at Dick's Sporting goods, she was just all smiles and brimming over with excitement over her goods, especially the pink sparkly bat and pink water bottle. "Thank you mom so much. I just love how the bat matches my nails." Are you even serious!? Thank you Lord. THAT is what I totally envisioned when I 1st heard the Doc say "Its a Girl" :)

breakfast with friends who care, who pray and who listen. (Although Hudson has a habit of humbling us in public, we enjoyed a 2 hour convo :))

joy in the journey.

for a friends heart to encourage and send love via snail mail. Thanks Heather!! Cannot wait to frame it & hang it on our gallery wall xo

Harrison's spelling bee debut! He got placed as an alternate and to his happy surprise, someone backed out so in he went! He studied for a couple days and tried endlessly to enlist us all as quizzers at all hours of the day ( patience tested), and then boom. There he was. Behind the podium. 4 judges seated, staring intently. He got through round 3 out of 5. He misspelled 'forecaster'- leaving out that middle e. He was like "my heart was beating so fast". He did it. He loved it. He felt awesome getting up there and trying hard things. His love of learning and all things good- is so awesome.

Book 1 of my 2016 reading list is checked off! Love Does is finished, and what a book! It is a MUST read. It will leave you with "aha" moments and laughs and then personal challenges on how we do more , talk less.

Hudson's curiosity. Because he brings us to our knees more than we thought our precious innocent third child ever would ;)  Because this boy... this boy.. is in to ALL THINGS.... this week was Protein Powder ( an expensive replacement to sand and VERY messy to clean up :( ), and broken siracha bottle at breakfast with glass and hot sauce everywhere... sigh...

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Thomas Railroad Rewards Potty
for Amazon delivering the cutest potty chair we ever did see... (and no -our other 2 kids never got catered too in this area- they had to deal with the adult toilet... but ... but I just had to buy it ... it "choo choos" when you pee!! Cmonnnnn :))
So this.. this is what we have as our big March plans... the P-T word... let the good times begin ;) We think that Potty training with our unique crazy amazingly cute pumpkin will be anything ..

but ordinary :) Hopefully Thomas can help :)


  1. Love love hearing about the spelling bee.. I lived for those back in the day. Great job Harrison!