Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Thankful this week that.....

we got the kid's spring break planned. AZ here they come... minus momma.... insert ALL the crying your eyes out emojis... for real....

we got to witness a baptism of a 25 year old believer

were able to trade  in our cute, fun, amazing on gas passat... for a more practical for this stage of our lives... minivan. So far we are impressed and the kids. They are all freaking out about the SPACE  they have yet again and the dvd perks are fun too

Easter bunny duties complete. {Minus peeps and jelly beans that can't be bought this far in advance or else midnight snackin' and stealin' may occur }

Easter PJS arrived, thank you Gymboree and Ebay. and yes as long as our sweet 10 year old lets me buy him skinny pj's, he will wear them on Easter eve to bed each year ;)

Easter outfits are done. Thank you Ebay for mommy daughter dresses & Etsy for Hudson's birthday shirt.

Easter week devotions.

Birthday presents are bought ( amazing Amazon yet again) and wrapped.
A birthday on a holiday makes it extra special but extra busy!

that packages after packages from my DonorsChoose grant have been arriving. This looks like many many little legos, big legos, books, ant farm, butterfly farm, markers galore, Clorox wipes and many many manipulatives, LakeShore has not shipped there stuff yet, but guys this is seriously like Christmas in March. It's such a God thing and it's still so incredible!!
 {The magnet tiles are SO awesome!!}

very very very thankful for only 3 days at work this week... between an IEP meeting for Hudson which I took off for & Good Friday, this week will be a BREEZE :)

{Since we are studying Clouds in week 2 of March's Science Unit - these real life pictures were perfect!}

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  1. Hey Allie... haven't checked on here in a while, but I love your new look from shabbyblogs! And the kids are gorgeous as ever! ☺️